Michelle's Newsletter #3: Matty's Valentine's Day themed dedication + the skill that was crucial to Party Magic's early success

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💖Matty’s Love-Day Dedication

New blog post is up! At first glance, this might seem weird. Why do a party that is centered on Valentine’s Day? But tilt your head a bit, look at the world a bit differently and you might be surprised at what happens.

Matty’s party stood out to me in two ways: this is the party where I continued my love affair with curved, geometric backdrops, similar to what I did for Pio’s Unconventional Dino Party, and it was also the party where I got to focus on my new love for floral arrangements 🌹!

As always, gratitude to Mommy Macy for her continued trust in our work. 🙏

📷Special credit goes to Louie Arcilla of Hey Bebe Studios for the wonderful photos!

For all the photos and details, check out Matty’s party here.

💻The skill that was crucial during Party Magic’s early days

I am a big, big fan of upskilling. I believe that change is happening so fast in this technological world that in order to stay ahead, you need to constantly add new skills to your repertoire. If you’re not learning, you’re losing.

This for me is THE SKILL to have for any creative. And like most skills that are useful in life, this skill can be 100% self-taught (I did). It’s my go-to skill whenever I am trying to order my thoughts and flesh out a new idea. Heck, it’s safe to say that I use this skill for EVERY party I style.

Any idea yet what it is?

🖌️ Adobe Photoshop.

Simply put, Photoshop allows any creative to put their imaginations on “digital paper”. It’s easy to execute an idea when you actually see the idea. That’s the power of software like these.

But Michelle, Adobe Photoshop is so hard to learn.

Hold up right there. It’s hard yes, but only for those who aren’t motivated enough. When there’s a will, there’s always a way. So stop making excuses to yourself, and just get started!

🥳 What’s new with Party Magic

March is a very busy month for us at Party Magic, and part of the reason is the yearly Moving Up Day by ICBB Preschool. As part of their Moving Up Day program, ICBB hosts a Broadway show, all performed by their students. It’s a sight you have to see.

And for each of the Moving Up Days ICBB hosts (there are 4!), Party Magic is in charge of the production and styling. It’s a huge load and responsibility on our team, but we always try to deliver. To get an idea of what this experience is like, check out my previous blog post here.

And to top it off, my very own Chloe is performing! For her class’s Moving Up Day, they will be acting out Disney’s Aladdin. What a treat!

Stay tuned for more updates.

📷On Instagram (@partymagicph)

We recently posted photos from another amazing party: Arya’s Sports Cup 7th Birthday Party. The concept is an obstacle course / relay race, where kids have to go through a course designed by yours truly. It was an electrifying event. Kids jumping up and down, parents hovering and shouting cheers. Absolute insanity. Absolute FUN!

I loved how the colors turned out with this event. I wanted the colors to represent the fun, dynamic girl that Arya is: nothing too girly, something colorful and full of energy.

Thank you to Mommy Jorina for the trust! 🙏

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